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9 sets Stem Education Kits Creative Wooden Model School Physics Experiments

Dhs. 356.92 Dhs. 420.92

Features•  Made from wood and electronic component, non-toxic and reliable.•  Cultivate children's practical ability, so that knowledge is no longer theoretical.•  Improve children's innovative consciousness and ability to win at the starting line.•  Cultivate children's interest...

10pcs Positive And Negative Switch Module Switch

Dhs. 26.00

Features• The positive and negative switch module button has 3 states, the left button is pressed (forward rotation), the right button is pressed (reverse), and both sides are not pressed (stopped) • The DC motor can...

3pcs DIY Steamboat Model Physics Experiment

Dhs. 62.97

Features•  Steamboat model made of plastic •  Classic heat steam candle powered speed boat toy •  Learning physics knowledge points •  Driving force conversion.•  Steam driving force. DescriptionCreative DIY steam candle powered speed boat model toy,let...

9 Sets Diy Children Science Project Physical Experiments Toys

Dhs. 325.07 Dhs. 345.07

Features •  Easy to assemble and operate, inspire children's interest and curiosity.•  Stimulating students' creative thinking and ability by learning physics.•  Help teachers to make the science class more lively and interesting.•  Small experiments can also consolidate...

Showing 1 - 12 of 28 item(s)