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Human Skeleton Model

Dhs. 39.90

Description: The whole adult skeleton model is set in a standing posture on a stand, high-quality stainless steel wire, and screw connections. Arms and legs are removable for individual study. Also the medical skeleton model’s Skull...

STEM Stirling Engine Full Metal Combustion Engine - Collectors Edition(Blue)

Dhs. 1,224.95

Description: The engine can be disassembled and can be used for DIY, the structure design is stable, and the surface has anti-rust treatment. Place the engine on a lug boss, leave the wheel in a suspended...

Biological Microscope Set

Dhs. 135.75

Description: LED illumination guarantees a clear and crisp, cool-to-touch white light that lasts up to 60x longer than traditional tungsten bulbs. Eyepiece with a built-in calibrated pointer ensures that definite points on the slide can...

Sterling Engine Micro Engine Steam

Dhs. 141.24

Description: Vivid with elegant design and fine workmanship, this is a beautiful piece of art. The Stirling engine model produced with quality material and fine workmanship to avoid rusting and prolong life. Great educational toy, classroom or...

Showing 1 - 12 of 41 item(s)