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9 sets Stem Education Kits Creative Wooden Model School Physics Experiments

Dhs. 356.92 Dhs. 420.92

Features•  Made from wood and electronic component, non-toxic and reliable.•  Cultivate children's practical ability, so that knowledge is no longer theoretical.•  Improve children's innovative consciousness and ability to win at the starting line.•  Cultivate children's interest...

DIY House Miniature with Furniture Model Building Blocks Toys

Dhs. 120.63

Features• The DIY dollhouse inspire the kids' creativity and imagination• Cultivate the kids' abilities like concentration, confidence, hand-eye coordination, and color &pattern recognition• Build the kids' patience, circumspection and a sense of achievement.• It comes with...

Robot Toys Intelligent Star War Upgrade BB8 With Sound and Action

Dhs. 127.85 Dhs. 167.85

Features• BB-8 app-enabled Droid with a tough and waterproof polycarbonate shell• Bluetooth Smart connection allowing Gyroscopic propulsion to a 30m range• Induction charging stand providing 60-minute battery life• Compatible with the Force Band for control...

Makeblock mBot Ranger Programming robot

Dhs. 649.50

Features• The mbot Ranger robot is a mechanical wonder that challenges young programmers with innovative ways to explore the science of robotics.• Build-in as little as 45 minutes and is compatible with major building blocks•...

Children's Robot Arm

Dhs. 367.31

Children's Robot Arm

Dhs. 367.31

Features • 3D robot arm soft bullet water gun is made of environmental protection ABS plastic, green materials that are safe for children to play. • Every finger joint of the robot arm can move...

IOS / Android Graphical Programmable Robot Car

Dhs. 385.00

Features   •  Programmable robot car based on micro: bit is a tiny programmable computer   •  Designed to make learning and coding easy and fun   •  Make code Editor online graphical programming is...

Simulated Insect Butterfly Bee Red Dragonfly Model

Dhs. 121.86

Features •  Made of high-quality plastic, recycled, safe and non-toxic, crushproof sturdy, stand the test of time against. •  Recognize the existence of three-dimensional space when inserting games. •  Let the kids use their imagination...

Electric Panda Animal Model Building Blocks

Dhs. 123.87

characteristic 1: Christmas gifts, New Year gifts. Birthday giftcharacteristic 2: toys for kids,toys for boyscharacteristic 3: DIY Toy,Educational Toycharacteristic 4: toys for childrencharacteristic 5: Enlightenment toycharacteristic 6: Technology Building Block

Creative Electric Building Blocks With Remote Control

Dhs. 158.95

Features • Made from high-quality ABS Environmental protection material. non-toxic. odorless and safe to use. • The technical building blocks are solidly assembled. more creative. more realistic and more technological. • This building block robot...

Remote Controlled Building Blocks Based Elephant

Dhs. 365.32

Features•  Smart elephant walking forward or backward, looking left or right, demonstration, patrol, blinking, head rotation, all actions can be controlled by the controller. • This feature-packed model has an electronically operated head, legs and...

Showing 1 - 12 of 238 item(s)